CHECK OUT HER LEGS.  Peggy Carter moves so wonderfully—stalking along so her shoulders and hips stay level all the way through her stride, one foot landing before the other takes off, knees slightly bent so she can spring forward or absorb a blow, back foot sweeping up around the lead to make sure she’s smooth and steady.

This is a fencer’s walk.  This walk tells me: Peggy knows how to use a sword. 

I bet you that somewhere at home, packed in with all the other relics of her school years, there is a small silver cup from a women’s epée tournament with her name on it.


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双葉ちゃん by ちほむ

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Ao Haru Ride -  Kou&Futaba

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Yoshioka, I want to see you.”

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31 Days of Halloween Art Challenge / Oct 8 / Black cat: Grunt discovers an unlikely ally.

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Happy Halloween!

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Instagram: @gigioconnell

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There’s a lovely old English myth that if someone who truely loved and trusted the werewolf called it by name that it would turn back to human.

Others include throwing their human clothes at it and it’d turn back but that’s a bit less romantic

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"why are u listening to anime openings"

why arent u

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Awesome Cosplay or Halloween Idea - Final Fantasy X Frozen!

Also, something similar could be done to make a modern day Anna costume, too. So cute!

Artwork by Skirtzzz on

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"Do you know when I was born? On the twentieth of October, in the Year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and eighteen.”

H A P P Y  9 6 T H  B I R T H D A Y ,  S A S S E N A C H !

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